Abstract Painting: Think

Abstract Painting: Think

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Abstract Painting. 12 x 12. Gallery depth canvas with side painted. Wired and ready to hang.

I layered oil pastels, oil sticks, and charcoal over the paint. After they were complete, I sealed each piece with varnish.

'Be Still'

It's more challenging than it sounds, isn't it? At least, it is for me.

As a teenager, I would lounge in my room, reading and drawing for hours. However, I don't 'lounge' quite so well now. It's tough to sit still and even harder to 'be still.'

But it is important.
'And know that I am God' is the second part of that psalm.

I was taught that it means 'stop striving, stop fighting, relax, and stand in awe of God.' I'm still working on that.

This collection serves as a reminder to be a little less busy and a little more still.