Want to start collecting but don't know where to start?

Buy what you love rather than what is trending. You should have a connection to the art, and it should be meaningful to you. Your love for a piece will last while a trend will fade.

Don't just buy art to fill your empty walls. Start small with works on paper or canvas and know it's okay to collect over time. Starting small is essential, as the collection process should be enjoyable and not stressful.


Becoming a collector is a way of expressing your personality and interests to others and, more importantly, yourself. Collecting allows you to evolve your taste and style further and appreciate your art over time as you grow your collection. A fine art collection can inspire creativity or evoke different emotions or memories of the places you love with those you love.

Fine art is a tangible asset you own and can physically view and enjoy in your home. You can make your home feel personal by transforming a room with a one-of-a-kind statement piece. With years and years of painting experience, I ensure you will receive a high-quality investment piece. Each piece is original, and no two are ever the same.


United States Art Investment Growth

Fine art investments in the United States have a 12% average growth per year over the last 6 years*

  • In 2023, fine art investments in the United States grew by 29.4%*

  • Since 1950 the art market has averaged returns between 4.20% – 11.30% per annum*

  • Fine art increased in value by 141% over the past decade*

  • A portfolio that allocates 5% to contemporary art has performed better 98% of the time*

  • Fine art investments in the United States have grown nearly 75% in 6 years*

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*Statistics according to the Grove Gallery in London, England.