✈️ When I’m not painting or drawing, you’ll find me planning my next trip, writing in my journal, walking on the beach, or cooking something with lots of fresh herbs and garlic.

🩴 I am most comfortable in my old jeans and either my cowboy boots or my flip-flops, depending on the season.

🏝️ I have lived in four US time zones but I’d rather have my toes in the sand than anywhere else.

🍷 I like hardback books, the smell of salt water, and red wine (well, any wine) in a big glass.

📚 I grew up in a small town in the Midwest where I read lots of library books, drew in my sketchbook, traveled with my family, and dreamed of being a National Geographic photojournalist.

🌅 Some day I'd like to own a Vespa, watch the sunset every night from my dock, and meet the Barefoot Contessa.

🖼️ With my art, I hope to connect with and inspire others, while adding a little happiness to the world.


I remember sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table, sketching for hours and studying the hand-drawn fashion ads in the Sunday paper. I grew up watching my mom paint ceramics, do macramé, crochet, and sew while my dad encouraged me to write and pursue my business degree. I traveled with my family, spent summers outside near the water, and read lots and lots of library books. I am inspired by those childhood memories, time spent at the beach, and vacationing with my own family.

I paint expressively to capture the 'feel' of a place, whether a marsh, a vineyard, or the ocean. The beauty of nature makes me feel peaceful and close to God. I enjoy being outdoors, and travel has always been essential to my life, so I reflect that on my canvas.

I like the imperfection of bold, expressionistic brushstrokes, layers, and line. I used to paint more realistically because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. Then I realized I'm not 'supposed' to do anything but be who I am.

I paint like I cook, and I have a recipe in mind but throw in a few ingredients that sound good together. I don't measure, and I find my way as I go.

Much how I'd like to live my life, now that I think about it.


Pamela enjoys the bold use of color and expressive brush strokes to create her abstract landscapes. She layers mark-making within her work using oil sticks, pastels, charcoal, and graphite.

She grew up in small towns in the Midwest and West, where she spent time near the water, read stacks of library books, drew in her sketchbook, and dreamed of being a traveling photojournalist. Pam earned an MBA from the University of South Carolina, a BS from Utah State University and later completed a Graphic Design degree from the Art Institutes. She was a project manager and account executive before transitioning into illustration and graphic design. After studying with various professional career artists, she discovered her true passion is painting.

She is represented by various galleries and boutiques in the Southeast, sells her work online, and participates in group and solo shows. She also teaches painting workshops and hosts art retreats. She works from her home studio in Charleston, South Carolina.