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Pamela Wingard Fine Art

Tropical Breeze. Original Painting: Palm Tree Collection

Tropical Breeze. Original Painting: Palm Tree Collection

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'Tropical Breeze'
The 'PALM TREES COLLECTION' began as a collection about PALM SPRINGS. But then I kept painting Southern palm trees and other California palm trees and suddenly 'PALM SPRINGS COLLECTION' was no longer just about Palm Springs, but about PALM TREES. It's a tough job, studying palm trees. But don't they just make you feel optimistic? Lift your spirits? 

These new paintings are various sizes and prices so I hope you can find something that is just perfect for you. They are all wired and ready to hang.

"Sometimes I long so much to do landscape, just as one would go for a long walk to refresh oneself, and in all of nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul.”—Vincent van Gogh

8" x 8" x 1 3/8" Gallery depth canvas. Sides painted white. Wired and ready to hang.

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